Our Board

Kwabena S. Bekoe – CEO

Kwabena has served as President and CEO of African Aid International since 2005. He has held various positions in the fields of social welfare and international development, including in social services for the Government of Ontario. In addition to his his career in the public sector, he has also worked with several development organizations in Ghana focusing on the efficient transition from poverty to sustainable development.

Dr. Karim Keita – Clinic Director

Dr. A. Karim Keita directs our dental clinic in Guinea, where his team treats over 500 needy patients for free every month.  He is a graduate of the Gamal Abdel Nasser Dental School in Conakry, and has extensive experience treating patients in a number of local facilities over the years. In addition to practicing in the Mefragui Dental Clinic and as a dentist in Coyah Hospital, Dr. Keita has directed treatment for the Mercy Ships program in Conakry, Guinea. Dr. Keita also serves as the country officer for Guinea in theNetwork of African Youth Development (NAYD).

Samuel Cohen – Treasurer

Samuel Cohen is a business consultant based in Toronto. Prior to that he served as a director of investments with a variety of Wall Street investment banks and asset managers for fifteen years, managing investments and strategy for both retail and institutional clients. Mr. Cohen has been involved with a variety of charitable organizations in the U.S and Canada since 1997, assisting in both fundraising and strategic initiatives. Since 2010 he has worked with a variety of corporate clients optimizing their positioning and expansion in the emerging economies of West Africa.

Jacob Gryn – Secretary

Mr. Gryn is President and founder of CO4 Computing Inc, a web development company based in Toronto. Mr. Gryn is a long-time philanthropist who has been involved in community organizations since beginning his undergraduate studies in 1998. He has both led and served on the boards of various philanthropic and community organizations and has been involved as a volunteer for numerous charitable organizations ever since. Jacob has a Masters degree in Computer Science from York University, specializing in computer vision and a Bachelor’s degree from Ryerson University. As a student, Jacob received numerous awards for his academic and extracurricular activities. His past research has included using computers to automate various processes that simulate vision tasks for the betterment of society.

Dr Paul Young – Medical Assistance Program Coordinator

Dr Young is a board certified Otolaryngologist, head and neck surgeon, and the recipient of numerous awards. Dr Young has published numerous scholarly articles in peer reviewed medical journals, and also authored a chapter in a prestigious head and neck textbook. Dr Young maintains a private practice in Amherst NY and also serves as the director of head and neck surgery in both the NYS DOCS and Millard Fillmore Suburban hospitals. He is also a clinical associate professor at SUNY Buffalo where he lectures to medical students, residents, peers and pharmacy students. Dr Young brings invaluable medical knowledge and guidance to our programs assisting West African hospitals and clinics.