Mission Statement

Guinea is one of the most educationally and medically deprived countries in the world, with a literacy rate of only 41% and an insufficient healthcare system. African Aid International’s mission is to improve the lives of the most needy in practical and sustainable ways. To this end, AAI operates two programs.

Free Dental Program

Our free dental program treats thousands of infected patients suffering from dental decay, plaque, gingivitis and other dental ailments each year. The program distributes tens of thousands of free dental kits each year and aims to specifically provide surgical relief to the most painful conditions through our free dental clinics. We also educate thousands in proper dental care and disease prevention through sessions in local schools and in street clinics. Poor oral hygiene has been shown to increase the risk of cancer, stroke, diabetes, heart disease, and HIV progression. Millions of African people suffer terribly because they just cannot afford to see a dentist for treatment. Especially in children, the pain they suffer with is usually excruciating and their oral infections often cause many other types of health problems. AAI brings high quality dental care to the people of Guinea absolutely free, with a special focus on treating children. In addition to making smiles brighter, toothbrushes aid in better oral health, which then has a direct positive impact on both overall health, and self esteem. Our dental program in Conakry,Guinea is overseen by Dr. Mohamed Camara, a highly regarded local dentist with many years of both professional experience as well as dental coordinator for the Mercy Ships program in Guinea.
We have also expanded our dental program to rural areas, where we aim to treat over 3000 people living with terrible pain each year. Based in Yattaya and under the experienced local leadership of Dr. Karim Keita, also a veteran of the Mercy Ships program. Our rural team travels to villages and towns for about 5-6 days every month to provide free treatment. Following treatment, patients are given dental kits and shown how to use them so they can begin managing their oral health properly.


AAll is a registered charity and donations to African Aid International are eligible for tax receipts. Tax receipts will be issued for all donations totalling $20 and over, and for lesser amounts when requested.

Registered charity no. 861862183RR0001