Choose AAI

Why AAI ?


Because we are 100% volunteer based and supported by direct donations of funds and supplies. This means that the money we raise goes directly to help people in real time and not to executive salaries, administration, etc. No fancy offices, executive perks, or similar waste – just charity directly to those who need it most.


Because AAI does no lobbying or political activity of any kind. Your donation goes directly to treating a suffering child and to promoting health and hygienic practices – and nowhere else.


Because we manage all our programs ourselves, directly, and on the ground in the communities we serve. This minimizes overhead and eliminates wasted resources, allowing us to manage our programs with maximum efficiency.


Because by supporting AAI you’re actually helping fix the root cause of a serious problem in Africa. Our clinic trains local dental students in best practices and gives them the tools to begin helping their communities. We are creating local solutions – not fostering dependence on foreign aid.


Because you appreciate your good fortune living in a country with a decent healthcare system, and care about helping those who struggle to survive every day through no fault of their own.


Because you care.